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Convenient. Connected. Consumer-Driven.

Our transformational model of care delivery shifts the focus to wellness through innovation and better health management based on personalized needs.


Access is expensive, limited and fragmented.

Significant declines in in-person doctor visits strain acute and chronic care delivery, resulting in poorer outcomes that contribute to increased system costs.

Providers and pharmacies are often inconveniently located, out of reach for many consumers. Scheduled doctor visits may require months of lead time, with inconsistent follow-up.

Telemedicine has attempted to fill certain gaps, but with limited reach.


Enter the Health In Motion Network

Convenient, centralized, consumer-driven healthcare. Innovation designed to optimize invaluable connections

HIMN is specifically designed to enhance, not disrupt.

Defined by collaboration among consumers, community pharmacists, and primary and specialty healthcare providers, delivered where consumers live and/or work.

Health In Motion Network delivers a consumer-centric, digitally enhanced healthcare ecosystem, enabling centralized and personalized, pharmacist-driven care management, empowering consumer choice and optimizing clinical outcomes.

How we do it.

We are a digitally enhanced network of healthcare providers offering direct services to consumers.

Positioning evolutionary medical care delivery so it can be used according to consumer need, with quality providers they know and trust.

Reinforcing community-based pharmacy to extend care management beyond traditional boundaries. Network retail pharmacies offer the lowest cost access to consumers with chronic conditions to experientially derive positive outcomes.



Personalized Data For Better Health

  • Real-time analytics
  • Broad device integration
  • Bluetooth-enabled
  • Centralized access

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