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Consumer Health Experience™

When it comes to their healthcare, why shouldn’t consumers have access to it all? Why shouldn’t it cost less?

The Current Situation

Increasingly consumers reject feeling like patients, at the mercy of a cold and distant healthcare “system.” Historically employees have approached healthcare from a reactive approach.

The trajectory of the healthcare consumer has evolved from a reactive patient, addressing a condition after it has already arrived, to a proactive healthcare consumer, working to combat a condition before it arises.

reactive patients

Instead they wish to be welcomed into a more comfortable, caring environment that is also more efficient, high-tech, and personalized.

Our Solution

Health in Motion Network™ is helping to make trusted community healthcare relationships even more invaluable. We’re working to transform the way providers and clinicians are addressing the new and proactive healthcare consumer. It’s all about connected care that opens the door to efficient access within the very communities where employers and employees live and work.

We also work to ensure that a patient’s data is integrated, personalized and secure, so when they do access their healthcare, they can be rest assured that it is protected.

Our Total Health Engagement App introduces an integrated health and wellness platform designed for the targeted employee population involved.

proactive patients

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