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Health In Motion Network™ enhances the way employees access health and how employers can better manage healthcare spend.

The Current Situation

Employees and family members with persistently high spending – in a recent study, people in the top five percent of spending – had average health spending of $87,870. That compared to average per person spending of $5,870 among all large group enrollees during that period.

Source:, Scott Wooldridge | July 25, 2019

Spending on retail prescription drugs accounted for almost 40 percent of spending for those with persistently high spending, more than twice the percentage for enrollees overall. People with persistently high spending averaged over $34,100 in spending on retail prescription drugs (not including rebates), compared to $1,290 for enrollees overall. This underscores the importance of prescription drugs in treating people with chronic illnesses as well as the fact that some drugs have very high prices.

Persistently high employee costs

Using innovation Health in Motion network practices a smart health model; targeting chronic care, reshaping the Rx benefit, consumer delivery and pharmacy management.

At our core are Integrated technologies that allow us to streamline secure communications, including medical records, between network Pharmacists, Providers and Patients to improve patient care in a manner that has not been possible in the past.

Benefit Consultant Partners

Enabling the trusted benefit professionals to offer more value to their clients.

Our partners can work with their clients to move past the focus on price alone and introduce healthcare solutions that meet the unique healthcare and lifestyle needs of their clients business and workforce.

When it comes to understanding what a patient needs, a clinician and/or care team needs to understand what’s important to them.

When it comes to your clients, as a benefit consultant you already understand that each employer and each employee is unique.

When it comes to their healthcare, what do they value?

What can they afford?

How often do they access care?

What are the conditions and/or diseases they are facing (or, what runs in their family?)

Closing The Loop - Today's Healthcare

The future of healthcare

While your role as a benefit consultant is not to treat the patient, it is, however, to understand them and their unique needs. Your role is invaluable, and we have the tools and resources in place to help enhance the service you offer to your clients:

  • Channel partners, integrated solutions, unique co-marketing
  • Proven innovation that transforms and differentiates:
    • Connects providers to employees where they are in a manner that still remains a high quality,
      secure clinical interaction.
    • Enables better on-site and near-site care programs.
    • Enables targeted population health.
    • Brings contracted specialists to the patient.
    • Takes on-demand healthcare to a new level, improves consumer experience, but yet drives
      down costs, and improves adherence.

Here you can learn more about what Health In Motion Network™ is doing to help elevate the level of healthcare in the
communities where you live, work and play.

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