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Health in Motion Network – Consumer-Continuous Care

Columbus, OH – 6/22/2021.

Traditional, insurance-driven healthcare in the United States has always skewed towards the provider as the decision-maker, with patients consigned to roles as passive consumers of what the system deems available and appropriate. At Health in Motion Network, our intention is not only to retrofit basic healthcare utilization to make it more consumer-centric, but to engineer care management that goes the next step to be consumer-continuous.

Healthcare is not an industry that should be purely transactional. There are too many intangibles and inequities. Effective healthcare is personal. Health records and lab results are essential context, but take on real meaning when considered in relation to the whole person. That kind of integrated care does happen in pockets. Community health centers, for example, endeavor to do their best, with limited resources, to tend to the entire scope of an individual’s physical and mental health. On the opposite end of the socioeconomic spectrum, concierge medicine is designed to encompass all facets of care management.

By and large, though, the healthcare path along which an individual walks is anything but continuous. It’s with that in mind that we set out to chart a more streamlined approach. Starting with the premise that the consumer needs to be a participant in conversations about their own care, we developed a digital platform that engages pharmacists as dispensed care managers in tandem with diverse care teams.

Prescribed care management is a methodology unique to Health in Motion Network, and further enhanced by leveraging connections with innovative pharmacies and industry partners nationwide. Collectively, by implementing a more proactive model, we can make healthcare less reactive.

This is an outcome in which we all share ownership. From a literal standpoint, we are working on coordinating product strategies, and strengthening alliances with industry changemakers. And, practically speaking, we can envision how everyone benefits from healthcare management that is more connected. Consumers stay healthier and have more incentive to engage in their care when they feel they have a role to play in decision-making. Costs can be managed by keeping people well and strategically spending towards that goal. Payers can start to incorporate value into their reimbursement schedules. Providers can start to get out from under vast administrative and logistical burdens. Employers can integrate these solutions with existing benefits structures.

These are lofty ideals. We’ve all worked in healthcare long enough to appreciate that we aren’t going to evolve the entire system overnight. But we are encouraged by the energetic reception these ideas are generating. Every day, we see more headlines about what’s wrong with healthcare. Isn’t it exciting to consider the possibility of something that’s really right?




Health In Motion Network delivers a consumer-centric, digitally enhanced healthcare ecosystem, enabling centralized and personalized, pharmacist-driven care management, empowering consumer choice and optimizing clinical outcomes.