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Health in Motion Network – Cost and Value

Columbus, OH – 3/10/2021.

Cost and value are inherently somewhat arbitrary concepts. What makes a Mercedes cost more than a Mitsubishi? Higher quality materials and construction? More advanced technology, luxury extras, and overall comfort? Yes and yes, presumably. Also, the intangible brand factor; luxury confers its own mark-up. How about value? If you are not someone who personally values driving a luxury car, then all you get is higher cost and rapid depletion of your finances for an object that functionally serves the same purpose as the lower priced option.

In healthcare, you’d think we all, to an extent, place a value on the product of our long-term vitality and wellbeing. This notwithstanding the reality that we all, from time to time, make behavioral choices that are antithetical to that goal. Maybe we choose to eat cheeseburgers far more often than veggie- and grain-filled meals. Alcohol consumption, cigarette use, lack of exercise, and overabundance of stress factors potentially imperil our wellness over time. As we all combat the realities as well as the temptations of a busy, on-the-go modern life, we want to have some say in the care and guidance we seek and receive, trust in the quality, feel comfortable with the person on the other end of the transaction, need convenience, and desire connection.

Considering dollars as drivers, pricing in healthcare is as opaque as any marketplace. Not only do consumers struggle to get any viable data about costs, providers would also labor to offer a true estimate of the monetary value of a specific treatment. There are so many external factors, and to date there has been minimal top-down demand for transparency and better system alignment. The same surgery might cost totally different amounts at two hospitals in the same city, never mind in different states, and that is all further stratified by insurance coverage, including across private and public payers.

While we gratefully observe that there is meaningful, if incremental, movement within healthcare overall to demonstrate some baseline level of transparency, Health In Motion Network is proactively creating a digital solution that intersects consumer-driven healthcare with community pharmacists’ care management expertise, all in a clearly priced subscription model for providers with robust, interconnected functionality.

Enhanced communication and connection are at the core of our model. We believe that a primary barrier to better clinical outcomes is lack of accessibility and appropriate preventive utilization of services. Community pharmacists, highly trained as care coordinators, are supremely suited to help consumers with management of their medication schedule, personal health data, and lifestyle progression. As our world becomes increasingly saturated with technology, it is essential that the tools available to us are convenient and easy to use. Centralizing medical records with personalized data and incorporating on-demand, secure messaging capabilities, video chat, and appointment scheduling collectively promote action-oriented and team-based healthcare.

Ultimately, too, any solution needs to deliver quality as well as transparency. Some industries are better positioned to minimize the personal touch. For instance, raise your hand if you’ve used self-check-in at an airport, or self-check-out at a grocery store recently. Who, on the other hand, wants self-check-out with their health? It’s one thing to accumulate all the data points about our day-to-day wellbeing. It’s another to have trusted, informed support in interpreting and optimally applying that information. We are all in on consumer empowerment, especially when it comes with the right kind of clinical cooperation.

Healthcare is changing across the board—how it is packaged and delivered, as well as how it is paid for. Digital is a part of the ecosystem now, so it’s up to all of us to ensure it is incorporated effectively and helpfully. Value is achievable, building on the foundations of consumer-driven, connected, and convenient modalities.




Health In Motion Network delivers a consumer-centric, digitally enhanced healthcare ecosystem, enabling centralized and personalized, pharmacist-driven care management, empowering consumer choice and optimizing clinical outcomes.