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Health in Motion Network – In It Together

Columbus, OH – 2/24/2021.

It’s not a new idea to shake up traditional healthcare delivery in the United States. It’s not a new idea to do so relying on providers in addition to medical doctors to play a key role. It’s not a new idea to let pharmacists, with their specialized training and acumen in patient communication, assume greater responsibility in care management. What is new is bringing together all the stakeholders—patients, pharmacists, and doctors—through a coordinated, collective, outcomes-oriented platform, making the most of specially curated digital services and meaningful interpersonal interaction.

Health In Motion Network is empowering the over 21,000 community pharmacies nationwide to deliver transparent, sensitive support to consumers in a way that unites their preferences and the thoughtful involvement of their medical teams. The revolution here is in cultivating a collaborative, unified approach that is evidence-based and strategically optimizes the broad, and sometimes overwhelmingly so, array of resources and tools currently available.

This is a solution that begins in trust. Pharmacists are consistently rated among the most trusted professions by consumers. Your community pharmacy is your destination for not just your medications, but for advice, familiarity, and comfort. Your community pharmacy is a place you can walk into when you need to and know you can get help. Imagine finding the same kind of digital neighborhood through your phone.

We also know healthcare consumers aren’t like retail customers, car buyers, or online shoppers. In your identity as patient, you want to know you’re a part of the conversation. No one wants to feel like a diagnosis. Our solution is intentional about facilitating open access to information and guidance. Ask the questions, get the help, and live your life.

Dynamic contact points among consumers, pharmacists, and doctors create functional partnerships, respectful of the demands on each. Integration with patient records and health diagnostics ensures appropriate and informed action. We’re delivering a solution that isn’t about disease; it’s about health. Use databases, trackers, and recommendations built into the platform to make your own choices, guided by best practices and vetted medical professionals.

As you can tell, we’re about solutions. We’ve enlisted community pharmacists, employers, nutritionists, patients, and medical providers to advise on how to create the most robust, useful, effective online tool available today. Anyone can build an app. What does it take to reenvision modern healthcare delivery? The understanding that the patient comes first, and that all healthcare providers are equipped to jointly contribute to better outcomes. We’re committing that we’re in it together.




Health In Motion Network delivers a consumer-centric, digitally enhanced healthcare ecosystem, enabling centralized and personalized, pharmacist-driven care management, empowering consumer choice and optimizing clinical outcomes.