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Health in Motion Network – Mission for Good

Columbus, OH – 3/25/2021.

It’s easy enough to write a corporate mission statement. It’s not too challenging to come up with a set of company values. It’s obvious to throw around words like culture and team. On a day-to-day basis, however, it’s much harder, and much more important, to live those commitments. At Health In Motion Network, we adhere to our Mission For Good, believing strongly that if our solution is driven by authenticity as much as growth trajectories, and people as much as numbers, then all our goals become more attainable, as well as impactful.

Our strategy starts with delivering a best-in-market, consumer-centric digital health solution, integrally tied to the guiding involvement of the community pharmacist. Our three-part objective is to achieve convenience and connection that are driven by the consumer. This is not about throwing another app up into the marketplace and counting our downloads. Far from it, this is a collaborative, coordinated model of care, consolidating users’ health information in a secure portal, where access is bidirectional and shared among credentialed care teams through centralized communication.

To achieve a truly integrated healthcare experience, we factor in all healthcare providers, along with payers, employers, EHRs, medical device manufacturers, and the whole diverse array of influences and individuals related to a person’s wellbeing over time. We elected to position the community pharmacist at the nexus point for several reasons. One, pharmacists are known to be trusted by their customers. Two, pharmacists are great care managers and coordinators. Three, pharmacy care itself is evolving, with increased adoption of digital health and care management services. Four, pharmacies tend to be more accessible than medical offices, enabling consumers to get both in-person and virtual services, according to their needs and preferences. Five, there are tens of thousands of community pharmacists practicing today, creating a natural, national network, with massive potential for exponential connectivity.

At the center of the Health In Motion Network Mission For Good is a unifying principle, proactively shared by all members of the company: We are in this to make a difference in people’s lives. All of us at HIMN, in some capacity or another, have previously worked in healthcare. Moreover, we have, without question, all been consumers of healthcare. We know the frustrations, and the disconnects, and we believe we have a way to make it easier.

We have prioritized communication as the foundation of our platform, using secure DirectTrust messaging. All users have easy access to video chat functionality. Consumers’ health records, be they from doctors, labs, or their pharmacies, can be centrally uploaded and referenced. Pharmacists can establish their online schedules, and their patients can request appointments for either virtual or in-person appointments. Taking it to the next level, we incorporated a user-friendly interface where an individual’s personal health metrics are immediately and reliably viewable, updating automatically through device integration. The cumulative result of these and more features is a care experience, for both consumers and providers, that is coordinated, efficient, and satisfying.

At the end of the day, if we can be the reason someone’s diabetes becomes consistently managed, or their blood pressure more controlled, or their transportation barriers to care eased, or a pharmacist helps coach a person through more consistent medication usage, then we see that as the true and meaningful intersection of mission and good.





Health In Motion Network delivers a consumer-centric, digitally enhanced healthcare ecosystem, enabling centralized and personalized, pharmacist-driven care management, empowering consumer choice and optimizing clinical outcomes.