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ERxDirect enables thousands of EPIC Pharmacies with Virtual Pharmacy Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Columbus, OH – 4/9/20

Seeing the rapidly changing landscape of the pharmacy industry, where large chains had an increasing advantage, ERxDirect™ had the foresight to partner with EPIC Pharmacies to empower community pharmacies to continue to provide the personal attention their customers expect while leveraging tools and technology to evolve and compete in the current marketplace. It’s a partnership that quickly became a vital resource for survival amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the new demands of the consumer and health care environments created by this public health crisis.

After signing a 4-year partnership last year, ERxDirect has integrated its pharmacy technology platform aimed at enabling growth and improving service and performance into EPIC Pharmacies’ network of more than 1,500 community pharmacies, making it the first fully virtually-enabled independent pharmacy group in the U.S.

“The market has now forced immediate transformation, and there is no doubt that the virtual pharmacy space will be flooded with those trying to capitalize on this volatile situation,” said Brian Slusser of ERxDirect. “However, the well-planned strategy developed through this partnership, paired with the innovations offered from ERxDirect and EPIC Pharmacies is what will truly help pharmacies weather this storm and continue to thrive in the future.”

ERxDirect’s health services platform provides price transparency while enhancing care and customer convenience. By partnering with EPIC Pharmacies, together they are growing the expansive network of connected, secure and integrated services nationwide.

“This partnership is helping pharmacies find growth solutions outside traditional models,” said EPIC Pharmacies CEO Jay Romero, RPh. “The future of pharmacy needs innovative solutions, and this partnership is a stepping stone for a stronger future for community pharmacies.”

In collaboration with EPIC, ERxDirect’s high-speed pharmacy network provides comprehensive, flexible solutions for pharmacies that are designed to integrate into existing workflows for maximum efficiency. Comprehensive services include claims processing and editing, real-time insurance verification, e-prescribing, medical and vaccination claims billing and other services. Innovative solutions such as targeted messaging and electronic co-pay programs are available as well as web-based tools that provide transparency into claim information for analysis and reporting.

About EPIC Pharmacies Inc.:
Formed in 1982 and headquartered in Maryland, EPIC Pharmacies Inc. is a true co-op of community pharmacies dedicated to personal, quality service at competitive prices. By providing its members with group buying power, provider networks and managed care solutions essential to delivering quality patient care, EPIC Pharmacies Inc. is committed to helping independent pharmacies thrive in today’s chain-saturated marketplace.

About ErxDirect:
ERxDirect combines community pharmacy digitization with an aggregation business model, allowing individual pharmacies to enjoy the scale and high-performance community service of larger chains and emerging networks. Its innovation platform and suite of services enable omni-channel, national distribution for community pharmacies across the country.

About Health in Motion Network:
The Health In Motion Network™ is a transformational model of care delivery that focuses on wellness through innovation and improving health management through personalized care. Health In Motion Network provides healthcare solutions for employers and business opportunities for providers that are part of the network.