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ERxDirect rolls out national telemedicine plans amid COVID-19 pandemic

Columbus, OH – 4/9/20

Within the rapidly changing pharmacy industry, where large chains have an increasing advantage in size but failed to personalize pharmacy care, ERxDirect had the foresight to empower community pharmacies to build on their strengths and quickly adapt to a new model for quality care delivery.

In order to provide the personal attention a customer expects while also leveraging tools and technology to compete in the current marketplace, innovation was needed. That’s where ERxDirect came in.

ERxDirect has been active in virtual healthcare since 2012 as the pharmacy component of the Health In Motion Network’s health initiative. The company had the vital resources needed for survival amid the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing pharmacies to meet the new demands of the consumer and health care environments created by this public health crisis.

ERxDirect has launched its Telemedicine service with EPIC Pharmacies, an organization consisting of 1,800 pharmacies, 3,600 pharmacists that join 3500 Urgent Care centers and thousands of clinicians in a single network, the largest of its kind. The company is also in discussions to partner with two more forward-thinking pharmacy organizations.

ErxDirect recognized that while “big-box” corporate chain pharmacies are often considered the front lines of healthcare, it was critical to place more attention on supporting independent pharmacies operated as small businesses. ERxDirect knew connecting community pharmacists and local medical providers on a single telemedicine platform would serve them well beyond the pandemic.

But ERxDirect Telemedicine is just the tip of the iceberg for the integrated pharmacy technology platform, which is aimed at enabling growth, direct sales, and improving service and performance.

“Transformation is not an overnight process and we have spent years building the complex infrastructure to create a user experience that reflects the quality care provided in most independent pharmacies,” says Brian Slusser co-founder of ERxDirect. “The market will embrace our well-planned, innovation strategy that moves well beyond the early introduction of telemedicine services.”

“Pharmacies desperately needed growth solutions outside traditional models,” says Mark Barwig, Executive Vice President of EPIC Pharmacies “The future of pharmacy requires embracing change agent solutions and ERxDirect has demonstrated its managed health services are foundational for the future.”

Operating a high-speed pharmacy with alternate points of dispensing and same- or next-day delivery means very little if the ability to personally manage complex care can’t move just as fast. ERxDirect was founded to expand pharmacy and transformational elements that level the playing field and surpass competition by being able to personalize care and produce positive outcomes.

About EPIC Pharmacies Inc.:
Formed in 1982 and headquartered in Maryland, EPIC Pharmacies Inc. is a true co-op of community pharmacies dedicated to personal, quality service at competitive prices. By providing its members with group buying power, provider networks and managed care solutions essential to delivering quality patient care, EPIC Pharmacies Inc. is committed to helping independent pharmacies thrive in today’s chain-saturated marketplace.

About ErxDirect:
ERxDirect combines community pharmacy digitization with an aggregation business model, allowing individual pharmacies to enjoy the scale and high-performance community service of larger chains and emerging networks. Its innovation platform and suite of services enable omni-channel, national distribution for community pharmacies across the country.

About Health in Motion Network:
The Health In Motion Network™ is a transformational model of care delivery that focuses on wellness through innovation and improving health management through personalized care. Health In Motion Network provides healthcare solutions for employers and business opportunities for providers that are part of the network.