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Pharmacy Solutions

A guided digital platform enables consumers and providers to engage for an empowered healthcare experience, combining enhanced personalization and expanded data to drive utilization, adherence, outcomes, and value.

Platform Features

Foundational Components

  • Pharmacy-specific patient portal.
  • Centralized and organized for ease of use.
  • Cloud-based for dynamic access.
  • HIPAA-compliant electronic messaging and video chat.
  • Broadcast messaging to patients.
  • Online scheduling.
  • Customizable digital forms.
  • DirectTrust access for provider-to-provider communications.
Advanced Care Management
  • Patient dashboard for personalized, data-driven care management.
  • Sync patients’ preferred devices in real time.
  • Biometric data display for patients and providers.
  • Over 100 devices supported, including: Dexcom, FreeStyle Libre, Apple Health, FitBit.

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Dispensed Care Management positions pharmacists as healthcare providers, dispensing digital care management through the Health in Motion Network platform to patients, just like they would a medication.

Next Generation Pharmacy

  • Pharmacists have real-time access to patients’ authorized, connected wearable and monitoring devices.
  • Patients’ medical records and lab results are centrally stored.
  • Care team coordination through secure messaging.
  • Results include better patient utilization, adherence, and satisfaction.
  • Pharmacies create new care management revenue streams.

Total health engagement starts with trusted, accessible, pharmacy-based care, blending essential in-person interaction with in-demand digital tools. Pharmacy practice impact is enhanced. System costs go down. Efficiencies go up. Patients are happier.

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