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Pharmacy Solutions

A Better Pharmacy Model: Changing the Game with Direct Pharmacy Benefits and a Focused Pharmacy Care Platform.

The Current Situation

Retail prices at pharmacies often bear no relationship to the actual market prices of the medications.

40 percent of a medicine’s list price is given as a rebate or discount to middlemen like insurers and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), with little or none of those prices being reflected to pharmacies. Showing a current lack of transparency and lack of pharmacy management available.

Source: Scope10k, Stanford Medicine 2019

40 percent of a medicine’s list price is given as a rebate or discount to the middlemen, like insurers and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). – Scope10k, Stanford Medicine 2019.

Revolutionizing pharmacy care, aggregating innovation creating a new wave of pharmacies as a localized market force.

Our Solution

Health in Motion Network is the managed health services platform that centralizes delivery and pharmacy management to support pharmacies in delivering care alternatively within the Health in Motion Network™, and in their own communities.

Revolutionizing pharmacy care separates the product, simplifies the pharmacy benefit management and encourages pharmacy management for chronic care.

The Health in Motion Network™ Value

  1. Transparency
    • Direct Purchasing on the top medications, streamlined eliminating middlemen.
    • Lean PBM – Saving Employers 20-25% in PBM costs, transparency.
  2. Enhanced Pharmacy Care
    • Hallmark innovation is secure care collaboration across our entire primary health network.
      • Secure text
      • Secure messaging
      • Real-Time Collaborative Care
  3. Consumer Convenience
    • Point of Care Rx
    • Express Delivery

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