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Health In Motion Network™
CareDirect™ brings a whole new way of thinking to on-site care and the Employee Health Experience (EHX)™.

The Current Situation

There is a lack of consumer access to care and personalized care management.

Onsite Clinics have been a proven solution, but due to cost reserved for large employee populations. These clinics provide easy access to medical services and improve employee health, which ultimately leads to increased productivity. The survey found the greatest return on value among employees who experience high emergency room use for non-emergency conditions or have low utilization rates of existing primary care resources.


benefits of health in motion network

Delivering on-site and near-site care at a fraction of the cost.

Our Solution

Our optimized CareSpace™ virtual clinics are deployed at a fraction of the cost of traditional on-site clinics at work sites. These can also be established at local urgent care centers that host a Connected Health Hub™ or community pharmacies functioning as a near-site clinic for employees.

Simply delivering health the way consumers want to receive it, on-the-go, accessible and on their time. It’s a delivery model based on quality and supported by clinical education.

Virtual on-site clinics save employers 75% of costs

health in motion care space

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