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Primary Health Access

Health In Motion Network™ is contracted nationally with thousands of Urgent Care Centers, Retail Clinics, Primary Care Providers, Pharmacies, Specialists operating on one connected health network – Improving health in the communities they serve.

The Current Situation

Systems of the future will continue to move away from the acute care hospital setting into more accessible settings with more understandable pricing. Urgent care is one intergenerational example of this trend.

A recent study with patients aged 18 to 80 revealed when they need to access healthcare, 43 percent prefer an urgent care or retail clinic location, rather than heading to their primary care clinician.

Source: WD Partners-Dan Stanek “Healthcare: Who Survives? Serving Consumers on their terms”

43 percent prefer an urgent care or retail clinic location, rather than heading to their primary care clinician

Urgent care centers provide many of the functional elements of healthcare value; e.g. saves time, simplifies, reduces effort, avoids hassles and even works to reduce patient anxiety. Armed with a smart phone, many patients can now quickly access urgent care clinics near them to address any symptoms they are facing and to get the care—any related medications—they need and require.

In today’s world, where the patient now controls their access to—and management of—their healthcare, the “rules” for healthcare delivery are different than they were, say, 20 years ago.

Previously, the patient became ill, they went to their doctor, they were evaluated, diagnosed and ultimately treated. That was it.

Today, let’s consider health management as an “ecosystem;” i.e. a “network” or a “system” of care that surrounds the patient. There’s not only a care team of clinicians surrounding the patient, there is now a “web” of technology, resources and tools that come along with a patient’s care plan, too.

These new ecosystems stretch beyond the bricks and mortar of a former/traditional doctor’s office. To leverage advances in technology for better health outcomes—and to meet the expectations of today’s healthcare consumer—this ecosystem must integrate and incorporate smart phones, home devices and services, telemedicine and many other modern technologies.

By moving toward the healthcare model of today and tomorrow, the Health In Motion Network™ connects the patient to a relationship of total, comprehensive care—be it a person, technology or even their smart phone.

Just as today’s technological world evolves and changes with every second, we are continuing to design, develop and enhance upon these integrated experiences in order to make them ideal, seamless and intuitive… all for the patient.

It’s our goal to strengthen and enhance the opportunities for and access to healthcare in your community.

Our Solution

CareDirect™ is the managed health services platform that supports urgent care centers, retail clinics, pharmacies, primary care, and specialty practices to deliver care alternatively within the Health In Motion Network™, and in their own communities.

Goal: To provide Employee Health Experience (EHX)™ on-site and near-site.

Innovation is expanded capacity on-site virtual clinics, Or convert local health facilities (Urgent Care) into near site Connected Health Hubs™ establishing local healthcare centers designed to service employer populations all at a fraction of the cost of current solutions.

Health in Motion Network solutions

Urgent Care Center Use Case #21


In 2017, Urgent Care Center was selected to serve as a Near Site Connected Health Hub for a local public health employer

2017 Population: No proactive assessment of health, 40 percent had no primary care provider


2019 Urgent Care Health Center

2019 Population: 100 percent Population Health Assessment, 80 percent use center for primary care (40 percent new, plus 20 percent switched primary care providers for convenient access and quality health management).


CareDirect™ enables scaling this performance over large consumer populations, and a network of urgent care centers. Expanding value and increasing consumer access to care. Lowering

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